Interim Motion to Expunge a Felony Arrest Resulting in Misdemeanor Conviction

A. A person may file an interim motion to expunge a felony arrest from his criminal history when that original arrest results in a conviction for a misdemeanor. In such cases, only the original felony arrest may be expunged.

B. The interim motion to expunge a felony arrest which results in a misdemeanor conviction from criminal history is separate and distinct from an expungement of a final conviction pursuant to Code of Criminal Procedure Articles 976, 977, and 978.

C. Except as provided in Paragraph D of this Article, an interim motion to expunge a felony arrest from criminal history shall follow the same procedures and fees established pursuant to the provisions of Code of Criminal Procedure Article 979, et seq.

D. An interim motion to expunge shall not be subject to the time limitations provided for in Articles 977(A)(2) or 978(A)(2), and there shall be no restriction on the number of interim expungements which may be granted.

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